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Tell us your Vestibular Migraine stories here! What stage in the journey are you in? You can also find some common questions, If you don't see your question just send us an email. 

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We use the information you provide us to see if we can  identify any Vestibular Migraine trends and share this data with migraine charities. The information below is anonymous.

Who Are We


We are a Vestibular Migraine community platform whose objective is to provide relief, support and answers to our community.  As a community focussed platform we can only grow with support from our network. This is why we ask  you to fill in our form to give us an insight into your unique story.   

We do not answer medical questions and please consult with your Doctor at all times if you are making any changes to your diet, lifestyle or any other major change.

Frequently Asked Questions


How does someone get a diagnosis of VM?
There is no specific diagnostic test to confirm someone has VM. It is more a case of ruling out any other underlying issues which could be causing symptoms. A VM diagnosis can only be given by a healthcare professional.

What typical diagnostic tests do VM sufferers get?
MRI brain scans
Blood tests
Physical examination from a Doctor.

What is the best way to recover and live a normal life?
It is important that you follow any advice given to by your Doctor. The road to recovery with VM can be long however, under the guidance of a healthcare professional our community members have found relief.

What is the purpose of this website?
Our core objectives are to: raise awareness of Vestibular Migraine, support our community with tools and resources, and to work with third parties who share a similar vision to us. We are going to beat this!

Can I speak with a fellow Vestibular Migraine through the site?
Yes! We understand how important it is to mix with people who understand your condition. We are building a safe way to do this via our platform.

How can I refer a company or potential partner to this site?
Please share our email with them or use the contact form.

Can you help me find a Vestibular Migraine Healthcare Professional I can speak with? 

Yes. Send us an email or fill out our form and we will do our best to link you in with a specialist. 

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I have never smoked tobacco
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I am or was a heavy smoker
Symptoms: Dizziness
Symptoms: Nausea
Symptoms: Light Sensitivity
Symptoms: Noise Sensitivty
I have identified a medicine (prescribed by a Doctor) which has helped me
I have found a supplement which has helped me
I have found relief from Vestibular Rehabilitation Therapy
I have found relief through my diet
I was diagnosed by a General Practice Doctor
I was diagnosed by a Neurologist
I was diagnosed by an Ears, Nose and Throat Doctor
I was diagnosed by another medical professional (list below)
Yes - please get in touch with me about how I can help!
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Free Resources 

Stepping into the world of Vestibular Migraine can be a scary place. From ensuring your Doctors appointment is effective in identifying triggers. Use our free resources below for support. 

We Are Recruiting!

We are a community funded and community founded platform. We are looking to collaborate with anyone associated with migraines who can help us grow our platform. We are looking for contributors for the below:

Vestibular Migraine Success Stories

Social Media Specialists

Community Advocates

Yoga and Wellbeing Specialists 

Send us an email if you are interested in helping us grow.