Vestibular Rehabilitation and Yoga for Vestibular Migraine


VRT is a set of movements designed to stimulate your central nervous system and your vestbiular system. It is a slow changing process which can take people months or years to see any difference. It is important that under no circumstances do you attempt any of the below exercirses without the permission of your dr. You can find a template of what to request here. 

Remember to take it slow. Take each movement slowly and move at a comfortable pace. You don't need to do the full circuit. 

01 Breathing


Start and end your circuit and also your day with breathing. Hold one naval passage and breathe in through the opposite. Then close the naval you breathed through and breathe through the other one.

04 Tight Rope Walking


In a straight line and eyes open, walk with one foot touching the other (front foot heel touch back foot toes).  Then repeat with your eyes closed. 

07 Marching On The Spot

 30 seconds

Eyes open and march on the spot for 30 seconds. Now repeat with your eyes closed. Aim to increase your time each time you do this. 

10 Stand On Your heels

 30 seconds a go

Balance on your heels and try to maintain for 30 seconds. Then repeat with your eyes closed. Aim to hold your balance longer each time. 

02 Neck Rolls 


Loosen stiff neck with this relaxing move. Start with lowering your ear to a shoulder and proceed in circles anti clockwise 5 times and then clockwise 5 times. 

05 Leg Standing

 30 seconds a leg

Eyes open and find your balance with 1 leg and start with 10 seconds of holding. Then switch to the other leg. Then repeat with your eyes closed. 

08  Eyes Focus and Move Head


Hold a pen at arms lengths and move your head left to right while focusing on the object. Do this 10 times and then repeat going up and down. 

11 Squats


YThis is the last move before we end. Stand with your feet shoulder spaced apart, and bend with your keens with your back straight.

03 Elbow & Shoulder Rolls


Reduce backaches with this. Start with rotating shoulders clock wise & anti clockwise 10times. Then hold out your elbows and do the same.

06 Tip Toes Balance

 30 seconds a leg

Eyes open and balance on your toes for 30 seconds. Then repeat with eyes closed.  Aim to hold both poses for longer and longer. 

09  Shake Head & Walking


In a straight line walk forwards while shaking your head side to side. Then repeat moving your head up and down. You can even go backwards to really push you. 

12 Breathing


You did it! Finish with some breathing and continue with your day. 

Tell Us Your Vestibular Migraine Recovery Story!

"It took me 8 months of VRT and Yoga  to get my life back. I went from being bed bound and unable to walk, to running marathons and cycling"



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Yoga and Vestibular Migraine



Yoga has been scientifically proven to suppress the symptoms of traditional migraines and our community has also shared with us some of their yoga poses they enjoy doing.  You must have permission from your Doctor before doing yoga.

We are hoping to post some videos soon and were also reaching out to Yoga Teachers to help us with online classes! 

Remember, always start with your breathing exercise to give your body the air you need to work at your best capacity. 

Vestibular Migraine Yoga Big Toe pose

Big Toe Pose


Stand with your feet apart and bend your torso and just let it all hang out. Hold the pose for 30 seconds.  Great for strengthening

your hamstring and glutes.

Vestibular Migraine Yoga Childs pose

Childs Pose


Facing forward place your knees shoulder width apart and touch your big toes. Then stretch your torso  across the floor and hold the position. Listen to your breath.

Vestibular Migraine Yoga Bow pose

Bow Pose


Lay on your belly, inhale and reach your arms to your back and hold your ankles.  Hold while you inhale and exhale. Release slowly.

Vestibular Migraine Bridge Pose

Bridge Pose

PSetu Bandha Sarvangasana

On your back, raise your arms straight and raise your waist. If it helps put a small pillow or towel below your head and neck. 

Vestibular Migraine Yoga Downward Facing Dog pose

Downward Facing Dog

Adho Mukha Svansana

Start by standing on your hands and knees and then raise your waist up so your standing on your feet. Breathe while you pose.

Vestibular Migraine Yoga Corpse pose

Corpse Pose


Welcome to total relaxation. On your back lie flat and stretch out your arms and legs. Then lie back and close your eyes. Do some breathing and just relax. 

Frequently Asked Questions



How long till i notice reduced the dizziness symptoms?

It can take anything from a few months to a year to start seeing improvements if your Vestibular Migraine is triggered by motion.

Why do I need to speak to my Doctor before I do Yoga or VRT?

Your Doctor will need to confirm that your body type, and any alternative diagnosis have been ruled out. VRT and Yoga can both trigger dizziness symptoms.

What are the side effects of Yoga and VRT?

Common side effects are triggering dizziness and soar muscles.